Back to the beginning of fine art

"A person starts to live when he can live outside himself"

-Albert Einstein

After several years of trying to decide what photography niche I loved the best, I have made the decision to solely pursue fine art. Many changes took place this year that led back to this beginning, this truth that has always been here, this truth that brought me to photography in the first place.


I was fortunate enough to be a part of a CreativeLive class being taught by the amazingly gentle and introspective Jennifer B. Hudson, which immediately unveiled the trembling truth; that I wanted to create my dreams, worlds and fantasies. To bring the stories to life that have occupied my imagination since I was a child, not only for myself but for others as well. What’s more, this incredible CreativeLive experience brought not one but two amazing opportunities for growth. A month later one of my new friends from the class, the master behind Pheneger Photography, introduced me toBrooke Shaden, the artist who showed me exactly how possible it is to make those impossible worlds come to life. 

I have touched the stars this year just as I have wandered the depths of real and true sorrow.  These experiences together have shown me how incredibly short life is, how every moment is absolutely precious, how every person I meet is an inspiration and a lesson, and how I should honor myself completely and be to the world my true and unique self.  

So here I am, ready to go in one solid direction, ready to pursue one concrete dream.

My prints are now available for purchase on this website as is the opportunity to be a subject in one of my productions (more on that later).

I’m in the fine art photography business now.

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