Enchanted Queen of the Forgotten Roses


Rich with history, this old house is a landmark in the north end of Tacoma Washington. An Italian style villa built for a mother with a broken heart. In the mansion she lived in before, just up the street a few blocks, her oldest son died right there on the front porch. Some say it was from a heart condition but the rumors said the father murdered him for his preference of lovers, being other men. The family immediately fled to Europe for “vacation.” The wife refused to return to their old home fearing the visual stab of constant reminders, so the father built her a new one. A new hope. A new life. This house. Only a few years later her second and last son, died too.  

This series follows my interpretation of this story and the feeling I get in this space. The rich, lonely, broken hearted young wife in her living days wears the vibrant blue of the sky, transitioning to the gold of sunset and then finally to white as she becomes trapped in her eternal loop of pain. On the dark side of life she is the Queen of the forgotten roses. Experiencing her heartbreak repeatedly in the vague mist of some living memory. Her solitude and elegant beauty will forever fill the cracks, crevasses and dark places of this perpetually empty home.

Tech and team.

This turned out to be one of the biggest productions I’ve done yet. The flower cloak I made by hand with the assistance of talented fashion designer Jayme Lilly by pinning silk roses and flowers to an old bed net that I had used in several productions before this. It’s the material that hangs from the swamp queen in this image. The cloak took me three days to complete, one of those days being the 4th of July.  There was a party going on in the mansion but I just couldn’t stop. This was one of those times that creativity just compelled me. Nothing was more important than making this cloak made of roses.

The elegant model is Mae Zing, a local burlesque dancer. Makeup by my favorite artist Rachel Korbozuski. Hair by Melissa Pritchard Anderson of Chi’mel salon. Clothing from Glenna’s fashion boutique. Assistance and location provided by Ian Price and Jayme Lilly.  

on the brink.jpg