What does it involve? 

A full fantasy production is a look into your unique world. Together through the building up of costume, hair, makeup, location and intentional posing we transform you into something new that expresses your personal meaning and intention for your story.   

In pre-production we talk at length about your story and what we have together and do to make it happen. From looking for the perfect costume, sharing ideas about outstanding makeup and hair options, location scouting to find the most epic location and talking about color theory and choosing our key words. 

A production like this is a fun and exploratory experience that lasts all day with hair and makeup taking several hours in addition to the several hours the session will be. 

In post-production each image is carefully selected to tell your particular story and crafted with color and light to create a striking image for you to enjoy for years to come. 

Each file is sized in both high resolution and low resolution so that you may use them for printed promotional material as well on your social media. 

In addition to digital files you will receive a folio box with all 10 images printed at 8x12 on luxury e-surface archival quality paper with lustre coating to protect from uv rays and smudges. 

This type of session appeals to actors, dancers, singers, people going through a transition and general creative types who feel they aught to be celebrated. 

If you had the chance, what story would you tell?